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First Year at SJCA

May 25, 2017
By Thomas Brittle, Athletic Director

Wow! This has been a great first year as the Athletic Director at St. John’s.  It has always been a dream for me to become an athletic director and I am so glad to get started here.  I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to make my dream become reality in my home town and at SJCA.  It has been an exciting year for me as I have become familiar with the day to day life as an athletic director.  I did not realize the amount of planning and organization that were included with the responsibilities of this position.  Every time I began to think I was getting the hang of it, a new challenge arose. I quickly realized that at St. John’s there are always people there to support you while facing challenges.  God could not have blessed me anymore by providing me with that type of support to get through my first year, and what an eventful first year it was.

Our athletic teams accomplished quite a bit over this year.  Our football team finished 6-5 with 4 of the 5 losses going to teams that played for, or won, the State Championship.  One of the victories was a win in the first round of the playoffs, which was our first playoff win since 2008. We have the expectation and talent to be playing for a State Championship in the upcoming fall. Our volleyball team had a challenging year, due to playing in a difficult region, a new coach, and new core of players who had never played together before.  However, they only lost three seniors and should have much more success next season.  Both of our varsity basketball teams made it to the State Tournament. They also have a strong core of players returning to help advance both teams further into the tournament next season and contend for the State Championship.  Our softball team came two wins away from winning the Region Championship and went on to play in the State Tournament as well.  With only losing two seniors, the softball team will have high expectations next spring and will look to compete for the Region and State Championship once again.  The baseball team had a challenging, but optimistic spring season.  We were led by our six seniors and played in the toughest region in the state which had us playing strong competition game in and game out.  Although we are losing six seniors, we have a lot of young talent to look forward to next year.

The athletes, coaches, and myself have already began preparing for next year.  I cannot wait for the fall to come around so we can build on the successes that we had this year. I look forward to seeing more goals being met, more successes being made, and a continued strong program. With the student athletes, coaches, and support we have in place, we will have another positive year next year!


Lower School Math Night

March 27, 2017
By Cathy Ollic

On March 2, Upper School Math teacher Melanie Wingard and SJCA’s Upper School Beta Club hosted our first Lower School Math Night. The lower school students, their families, teachers, and perspective families who visited during Open House were invited to play games and fellowship from 6:30-8:30.

As the students entered the gym, they filled out a name tag to wear throughout the night. The gym and café were divided into thirteen stations with each having a label stating the game’s name and grade level (K5-5th). Teachers and Beta Club members manned each station to explain the rules, help the students play successfully, and have a ton of fun with math.

The games included: Whack It! Place Value, Baseball Game, Play-Doh Shapes, Multiplication Squares, Smash It! Subtraction, 2D Shapes Dominoes, Fraction Wild-O, Tangrams, Decimal Relay, Tic-Tac-Top It, Mirror Images, Time Slap It!, Time Matching Game. Laughter resounded throughout the game areas as children and adults challenged themselves! Students received a grab bag prize as they left and placed their name tags in a jar for a grand prize drawing the next morning at school Congratulations to Benjamin Strock (K5-2nd grades) and Ryan Hale (3rd-5th grades) for being the lucky winners of the grand prizes!

THANK YOU to Mrs. Wingard for brainstorming, organizing, and accomplishing this idea. Thank you to the Beta Club members who helped make this night a success and so much fun:

Brooklynne Chappelear, Taylor Hood, Morgan Ellis, Noelle Schlette, Jantsen Robertson, April Moody, Claire Gilmore, Hope Glover, Casey Southard, Tim Ferguson, Ethan Lehr, Natalie Shuler, Shea Wiginton, Sarah Mitchum, Lizzie Dunlap, Caroline Welch, Rachel Coffey, Sarah Hamilton, Riley Ferguson, Chase Hughes, Mason Keller, Morgan Hood, Deanna Austin, Isaac Boley, Maya Brown, SanZuala Burgess, Bryce Butler, Payton Hood, Rachel Hoyt, Cheyenne Oliver, Derek Shoemaker, Luke Weatherford.

Students Attend General Francis Marion Memorial Day

March 14, 2017
By Cathy Ollic
Oldest Color Guard in SC Militia  

The beautifully decorated gates welcomed visitors including SJCA’s 3rd, 4th, and 8th grades to the General Francis Marion Memorial Day on Monday, February 27, in Pineville, SC, celebrating the 222nd year of General Marion’s death.

DAR Regent Pam Herndon commenced the one hour service with opening remarks followed by SAR Chaplain Gary LeCroy’s invocation. The Washington Light Infantry, organized in 1807 and one of the nation’s oldest militia units, posted the Colors on either side of the open gates in front of General Marion’s wrought-iron surrounded tomb. The audience was invited to stand, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and enjoy John Mark McQuown’s rendition of “America, the Beautiful”.

As the ten different DAR and SAR chapters placed patriotically decorated wreaths around General Marion’s grave, the Colors gently swayed in the breeze.

Col. Nicholas A Gentile, Jr., SCANG, Commander Swamp Fox Wing, 169th, introduced himself and shared the founding and mission of the Swamp Fox Wing, 169th. (

Col. Nicholas A Gentile, Jr

Historian Sarah Nell Blackwell introduced the main Speaker, Photographer Brant Barrett, whose passion for General Marion started as a child watching the Wonderful World of Disney series in 1959-60 called “The Swamp Fox.” Mr. Barrett’s mission is to read and learn everything about General Francis Marion and share his knowledge through photo essays. ( and

SAR President Col. Hezekiah Maham Chapter Keith Gourdin offered the closing remarks reiterating the importance of The “Swamp Fox’s” heroism and history; SAR Chaplain Gary LeCroy offered the benediction. The Colors were not retired until pictures were taken.

In 2007, Sen Bill Mescher, the late husband of General Marion’s Brigade member Kitty Mescher, introduced legislation for a General Francis Marion Memorial Day. This legislation was passed by the General Assembly on April 17, 2007, and signed by Governor Mark Sanford on May 2, 2007.

8th Grade Students with teacher, Susan Gilmore









5 Ways Local Students Are Giving Back This Year

March 03, 2017
By The Berkeley Independent, March 2017
Beta Club Members Visit Lake Moultrie Nursing Home

In addition to academics, students at St. John's Christian Academy in Moncks Corner are engaged in several initiatives to give back both locally and across the globe.

Community service is engrained into classroom and extracurricular activities at the school, says Dr. Eric Denton, Headmaster at the school, which serves students in grades K-12. Students can build valuable skills by orchestrating and participating in the events, which adds a sense of purpose into their lives as well.

The Senior and Junior Beta Clubs require high academic achievement, strong character and community service. "Our student government, athletic teams, Bible classes and Fellow of Christian Athletes all encourage community services as well," Denton says.

School Choice Essay Winners

February 05, 2017
By Skylar Morris, Gavin Early, Olivia Newton

Skylar Morris

2nd Grade School Choice Essay Winner

SJCA is the school for me because I get to learn more at SJCA than what is taught at any public school, I enjoy the learning structure and especially learning about God every day. What I mostly appreciate about coming to SJCA is being surrounded with my Christian friends (that are great friends) and very nice teachers. I also enjoy that we get to go to chapel every Tuesday. 


I believe that Christian education is best for me because it keeps me closer to God and I enjoy learning about the Bible. I am very blessed with my opportunity to be growing up and learning at SJCA.


Gavin Early

3rd Grade School Choice Essay Winner

Hi, my name is Skylar Early, and I am in the 3rd grade at St John’s Christian Academy.  There are many reasons I love this school!  The number one reason I like this school is because it’s a Christian school.  This is my first year going to St John’s and I never want to leave! I am a Christian and I like praying in school.  I think the smaller classes help me concentrate and learn easier.  I was in the school Christmas program this year. I like how the play shared the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus!  The teachers are nice and I have a lot of friends.  God is welcome at my school.  My big brother goes to my school. My mom and Aunt Amber graduated from my school. I love my school!


Olivia Newton

4th Grade School Choice Essay Winner

My Mom chose SJCA because she wanted me to get a good education and be able to worship God. There aren’t too many students in every class so we can get extra help if we need it. It’s a small school, but the teachers really get to know you and care about you.  I love going to chapel because we get to sing and dance and worship God. When we go on prayer walks, we get in groups and walk to a certain place and pray and then when we’re done we walk to the next station to pray again. Every day we do the pledge to the American Flag, to the Christian Flag, and the Bible. God is included in everything at SJCA.


I like going to SJCA because most of my friends go there. We have been to ballgames and pep rallies and on field trips.  The teachers make learning fun and interesting. That helps me get better grades.  I am so happy that my Mom chose SJCA.  I can’t imagine going to any other school.  God is the center of SJCA and should be the center of all our lives.  God bless St Johns! 

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