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2nd Grade Blog

December 03, 2017
By Mrs. Otero

Grade In my classroom, we are reading a play. We are studying pictographs, tally charts and bar graphs in Math. We are learning about the Sun in Science and American Indians in Social Studies.

K5 Blog

December 03, 2017
By Mrs. Tucker

In Bible, we have studied Creation, Adam and Eve-and the Fall of Man, Noah and The Flood, Abraham, Jacob and Esau. We are currently studying the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.


In Phonics, we have studied all the vowels. We are currently learning how to blend the consonants and vowels. Also, we are forming three letter words.


In Math, we have studied the concepts of same and different, AB patterning, number formation, matching a number to a set, and we have learned about the value of a Penny.


In Science, each student has an Interactive Notebook that we will be adding to all year. Using the Scientific Process, we have performed  sink or float tests on coconuts. We have created diagrams of the parts of an Apple.


The K-5 Teachers are Richly Blessed Everyday by Our Students. We Love Our Jobs!

K4's Blog

December 03, 2017
By Miss Coker & Miss Talley

September Theme:  “Magnificent Me”

The students learned that God made us all different and special.  They studied the color red; the circle shape; numbers – 1, 2, 3; letters – I, U, E, A; the Creation story and Noah’s Ark.

K4 students have learned the importance of cooperation, friendship, schedules, fire drills, rules, and good behavior in and out of class.  We love PE, music, and chapel.

Miss Judy's K3

December 03, 2017
By Miss Judy

September Theme:  “I am Wonderfully Made”

The students learned the letters Aa, Bb, and Cc; the color red; numbers – 1, 2; the circle shape; Creation, Adam and Eve, and Noah’s Ark. They explored the five senses and about cleanliness.

All of the K3 students especially enjoyed the fire truck visit from the MCFD. We are learning about fire drills, school rules, good behavior, and teamwork.

First Year at SJCA

May 25, 2017
By Thomas Brittle, Athletic Director

Wow! This has been a great first year as the Athletic Director at St. John’s.  It has always been a dream for me to become an athletic director and I am so glad to get started here.  I am truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to make my dream become reality in my home town and at SJCA.  It has been an exciting year for me as I have become familiar with the day to day life as an athletic director.  I did not realize the amount of planning and organization that were included with the responsibilities of this position.  Every time I began to think I was getting the hang of it, a new challenge arose. I quickly realized that at St. John’s there are always people there to support you while facing challenges.  God could not have blessed me anymore by providing me with that type of support to get through my first year, and what an eventful first year it was.

Our athletic teams accomplished quite a bit over this year.  Our football team finished 6-5 with 4 of the 5 losses going to teams that played for, or won, the State Championship.  One of the victories was a win in the first round of the playoffs, which was our first playoff win since 2008. We have the expectation and talent to be playing for a State Championship in the upcoming fall. Our volleyball team had a challenging year, due to playing in a difficult region, a new coach, and new core of players who had never played together before.  However, they only lost three seniors and should have much more success next season.  Both of our varsity basketball teams made it to the State Tournament. They also have a strong core of players returning to help advance both teams further into the tournament next season and contend for the State Championship.  Our softball team came two wins away from winning the Region Championship and went on to play in the State Tournament as well.  With only losing two seniors, the softball team will have high expectations next spring and will look to compete for the Region and State Championship once again.  The baseball team had a challenging, but optimistic spring season.  We were led by our six seniors and played in the toughest region in the state which had us playing strong competition game in and game out.  Although we are losing six seniors, we have a lot of young talent to look forward to next year.

The athletes, coaches, and myself have already began preparing for next year.  I cannot wait for the fall to come around so we can build on the successes that we had this year. I look forward to seeing more goals being met, more successes being made, and a continued strong program. With the student athletes, coaches, and support we have in place, we will have another positive year next year!


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