Inspire, Engage, Transform


I love everything about SJCA.  Most importantly my daughter is getting an excellent education in a Christian environment.
Suzann LaForte Melton
My three boys attend SJCA and I work there as an assistant teacher.  I love the family and Christian atmosphere.  Whether you are a student or teacher there is always someone to lift you up, encourage you and keep you focused on the important things in life!
Shannon Tucker Rusch
We love St. John’s like family!   Since 2000, St Johns Christian Academy has provided my children with a solid, Christian education.  We can't imagine being anywhere else!
Kim Ray Murchison
Austin Reed and I both love SJCA!!  The faculty (many of whom are still there) and staff are incredible!  In a world where not many things are certain, we always felt safe at St. John's while also getting the privilege of a fantastic education in a Christian environment.  We currently live in Columbia so if we are not back in the Lowcountry by the time our children will attend school, we will definitely be enrolling them somewhere as comparable to SJCA as we can find!
Kalen Nolte Reed
As a pastor and parent, I am impressed with the fact that it is truly a Christian school, not in just title alone.  The students are receiving a quality education and continued growth in Christian morals and values.  It is truly a place where the name of Jesus is lifted high.
Mark W. Stump
The #1 reason I LOVE SJCA is the students have more one-on-one time with the teachers!  Smaller classes make it easier for the teachers to provide the help.  I love the relationships the younger children build with the older upperclassmen!!  They are GREAT ROLE MODELS!!
Fiona Amaker
I love the family atmosphere at St. John's.  It is a great feeling knowing that not only are my children in a safe place where they are receiving a great education, but also that they are learning Biblical truths daily.
Allison Cullum Foreman
I loved the fact that SJCA wasn't just a Christian Academy in words.  Everyone from the Headmaster, teachers, students and parents truly love and care about your child.  No cliques or politics.
Mary Phillips Brazier
My grandchildren are students at St. John's and I am so impressed at the quality of education they are receiving.  The teachers are involved in their students’ lives and know what makes them tick.  The students enjoy school and learn at an amazing rate.  Every teacher we have encountered so far cares about the whole child and family.  The summer camp is quality also.  I am so thankful there is a true Christian choice of school in Moncks Corner.  Keep up the great job teachers and staff.
Kathy Parks Harmon
What isn't there to love about SJCA?  All three of our daughters attend and they are excelling all around.  We are looking forward to signing our soon-to-be four year old up to attend.  The atmosphere at SJCA is full of positivity, the teachers/staff are incredible, the coaches are inspiring and the school is one giant family.  Happy to have our children enrolled here.  Go CAVS!
Linda Marie
I love the Christian atmosphere and learning.  A lot of the same teachers are there from when I went to school, so they know me, which makes me more comfortable sending my own children there.  I love the family atmosphere.
Erin West DeAntonio
I love the Christian environment and how the school puts God first!  Everyone is kind, nice and friendly!  The classes are smaller so there's more one-on-one and bonding with the teachers!  Amazing school!  Couldn't have found better!!!
Candice Lemon-Shaw
Everyone is family and genuinely cares about each other at St. John's and that is what I love most about SJCA!  I am glad that my son (and daughter when she starts in K3) is engaged in a school built on Christian values and they hear biblical truth from teachers, peers, and guest chapel speakers.
Karey Sanders Wilson
We can't wait to send our three oldest children here this year!  We are new this year and we have already been welcomed by so many.  The staff has been so amazing and incredibly courteous with me (even when I've called a bunch and kept asking questions!!).
Amie Perry
I love the smaller classroom setting and the fact that the teachers really do care about the students.  They notice what each individual child needs and will work at helping that child to reach their goal.
Donna Webster Williams
I love the school, the faculty, staff, students and their families!  Everything about SJCA is positive!!!
Ellen Eads Hutto
We are new to SJCA this year but already everyone has been so welcoming!  I love that my daughter will be taught in a Christian environment.  We are excited about the change.
Jason and Rona Smith
The thing that I love the most about St. John's Christian Academy is that the facility and staff model Christ-like behaviors that the young, impressionable children will replicate.  A strong foundation is how we can raise up our children to grow in to leaders and role models in this community.
Ashley Davis
We joined the SJCA family this past year when my son Luke started there as seventh grader.  Changing schools at any age is hard but I was really concerned seeing Luke was leaving the only friends he had known since preschool.  From the first day we stepped into the doors of SJCA for a tour of the school, I had a peace that this was where Luke was supposed to be.  Dr. Denton and his staff are a cut above.  The children in Luke's class just took him in and treated him like he had been with them for years.  That sure made this momma's heart happy.  I have watched Luke grow so much this past year not only in his academic achievements but also in is walk with Christ.  I love that what his father and I are teaching him at home is being followed up at school in his daily bible class and chapel.  I commend and recommend SJCA.
Dawn Taylor Morris
My son is going into his fourth year at St John's and we couldn't be happier with our decision to be a part of the St John's family.  We love the advantages of the small class size and that everyone knows your name.  I also can't say enough about how the staff encourages his love for Jesus!!  We can't wait to register our youngest son once he's old enough!
Ashley L. Taylor
This will be my daughter’s first time attending SJCA!  I have heard nothing but great feedback.  I love the fact that it's truly a Christian school!  I believe one of the biggest problems the public school has is that they took GOD and PRAYER out of our schools.  My child will get a good education while learning about our Lord and Savior.
LaToya Pledger
My three sons are at SJCA.  They love the school as much as I do.  The teachers, administrators and staff are amazing.  The classroom environment is so unique.  The teachers make sure that no one gets left behind.  The students push each other to excel because it’s apparently "cool" to make good grades.  I love the fact that parents are encouraged to visit and volunteer.  A smaller school lends more opportunity for all children to play sports and join clubs.  Students can step out of their comfort zone and try new activities.  The absolute best reason to love SJCA is the Christian atmosphere.  The chapel services are amazing.  I've heard new parents say that it is so refreshing to look around and see bibles, crosses and the word “Jesus” being displayed down the halls in various art forms. 
Jennifer McCall Hutson
What a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow academically and spiritually.  Our children need the bible back in their everyday learning.  All the children who go here are extremely blessed!
Ashley Wright Tanner
I am so excited about having a K3 Cavalier in August!  I love the small classrooms and that it feels like family at SJCA.  I find comfort in knowing that at SJCA, everyone will know my daughter's name.  She also will have the opportunity to learn and worship Christ at the same time.
Katie Orvin
A few things I love about SJCA is having all four of my five grandchildren going to school on the same campus.  The fifth graduated from there and is currently furthering his education at College of Charleston.  Besides being academically prepared for college, students develop life-long lessons of how to be outstanding leaders in the community.  From K3 through 12th grade they are consistently instilled with not only talking the talk but also walking the walk of a Christian life.  When they are happy, I am happy, and they are!  Can't ask for anything better than that!
Shirley Greager Veno
Smaller classrooms = teachers that care= better comprehension= success!!  Christ first atmosphere, chapel each week is my favorite!
Doug and Amy Reichley
We love SJCA because our two daughters feel safe there and love going to school now.  I love hearing them sing the worship songs they sing in chapel and I love seeing their relationship with God become more in depth.  SJCA offers excellence in education but, most importantly, they teach and show my girls the love of Jesus.  I'm very thankful for this school!
Erin Oswald Sweatman
My parents put me and my four other brothers and sister through school here and I absolutely can't tell you how much love and dedication that I felt that came from all of the staff at St. John's .  I currently have my daughter in school here and I am so excited to see the love and affection that this school has helped instill in her life!  She has God and love overflowing out of her heart!  This is a school where the teachers and staff really seem to care about the well-being and future of the kids!
Dion Cumbie
I have an 11th and 8th grader at SJCA and they have attended since K4.  Absolutely the right school for my kids.  The small classroom sizes allow for more one-on-one and the kids love being able to worship God while at school!
Kelly Ellis
We will be joining the SJCA family this year and could not be more excited.  I have heard nothing but great positive things about the faculty and staff!  I am ready to see my daughter thrive in the great environment of St. John’s Christian Academy!
Jessica Tallon
I love SJCA because it filled the need in this area for a Christ centered education for the children of Berkeley County.  I can't wait to send my grandson there!
Allison Hill Thompson
I love the individualized attention my children receive at SJCA.  The small class sizes and close relationships the students are able to make are great.
Sarah Henderson
We chose to send our daughter to SJCA because of the Christian based environment and curriculum.  Our daughter has thrived and is excited to go to school every day.
Jamie Tilman O'Rourke
I love that all my children are at one school.  They receive a great education and have many opportunities for practicing athletics and developing leadership skills.
Dana Spell Shoemaker
My daughter started SJCA when she was only four years old, and now is seven.  She has grown so much with the Lord and inspires me every day with what she has learned.  SJCA is a safe place for her and I feel she is getting the best of all things there.  We are very proud of SJCA and will continue to support them.  GO SJCA!!!!!!
Stacey Hyde Smith
Watching my baby boy go to school for the first time was hard!!  But he loves St. John’s–which is why I love St. John’s.  My son feels loved, comfortable, and confident at St. John’s.  When I drop him off, I love knowing that everyone from the staff member helping him out of the car and everyone he comes in contact with knows his name and that he’s not just a number.
Jenny Austin Chubb
I love many things about SJCA!  The teachers not only provide wonderful instruction, but they also build relationships with the students and pray for them often.  Older students are role models for the younger students, and faculty and staff are supportive of one another.  SJCA is more than a's a family.
Jeanne Singleton Caison
My three boys go to SJCA and they love it !  The teachers are wonderful and the learning environment is second to none.  I really like the fact that the class sizes allow for greater one-on-one opportunities for students and teachers.
Tommy Rusch
Our two oldest children graduated from SJCA in 2014 (after starting in 2nd grade) and in 2016 (after starting in K5) and our youngest will graduate in 2020 after starting in K4.  We wouldn’t consider having them anywhere else.  When we moved from Georgia for my husband’s new job, we toured two other schools but during our tour at SJCA I felt a deep sense that it was where my children belonged.  An excellent education, preparation for college and all the while doing it in Christ—what more could anyone ask for?  SJCA definitely reflects the morals, values and faith we want in our family, helping us raise fine adults.
Lisa Kelly