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At SJCA, we offer a wide range of academic programs for our students. 

Beta Club

The National Beta Club recognizes outstanding achievement, promotes character and social responsibility, encourages service involvement in our school and community, fosters leadership skills, grants scholarships, and provides settings for students to develop interpersonal relationship skills. To be a member of the Beta club, middle and high school students must have and maintain a cumulative average of 90 (3.62 GPA) or better. The Beta Club members participate in several service projects throughout the community that support local food banks, Operation Christmas Child, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, and other worthy causes.

Literary Meet

The Literary Meet is an opportunity for students in grades 2-12 to participate in academic and fine arts competitions. Students compete at the school level to represent SJCA at the SCISA State Literary Meet. This competition focuses on individual achievements in the areas of extemporaneous speaking, essay writing, storytelling, oral interpretation and poetry reading. St. John's Christian Academy has always been very well represented at the SCISA Literary Meet, and every year SJCA students excel at the state competition.

SCISA Music Festival

The SCISA Music Festival involves over 1,100 talented students (elementary through high school) from SCISA member schools. It is an opportunity for voice and/or band students to participate in a fine arts competition. Students who compete will receive gold (superior), silver (excellent), or bronze (good) rating from judges based on their performances. The competition focuses on individual achievements in the areas of performing, musical interpretation, and style of published works of music. It is a terrific way for students to use their talents and abilities to receive positive feedback from judges on how they can further their gifts. St. John's Christian Academy is very well represented at the SCISA Music Festival by students who continue to excel in their talents.

Science Fair

The Science Fair is open to students in grades 3-12, divided into three divisions (grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12). Students compete at the school-wide science fair to earn the right to participate in the SCISA State Science Fair. Students prepare projects in the following categories: Biological Science, Physical Science, General Science, Computer/Math, Psychology/Sociology, Environmental Science, and Interdisciplinary Team/Group Project. SJCA students have earned many awards, including state championships, at the state science fair.

Spelling Bee

The SJCA Spelling Bee is held each year for students in grades 3-8 to earn a right to participate in the SCISA Regional Spelling Bee. Regional winners then advance to the SCISA State Spelling Bee. Each year SJCA students advance to the Regional Meet, and they frequently advance to the state competition.

Student Government

The Student Council members and the Class Representatives are elected by the upper school student body to serve as liasons between the students and the school administration. Student Council members travel to Columbia each year for the student-led SCISA Student Council fall meeting and then to Myrtle Beach for the SCISA Student Council spring meeting. Student council provides students with opportunities to develop leadership abilities and serve their school.

President:  Rachel Coffey
Vice President:  Hope Glover
Secretary:  Marshall Biering
Treasurer:  Sarah Mitchum
Historian:  Cheyenne Oliver
Cavalier Ambassador:  Morgan Ellis


Cavalier Pride Award

Each month one or more teachers nominate students who exemplify one or all of the following Cavalier Pride traits:

The administration and faculty of St John’s Christian Academy take great pride in recognizing the outstanding work of our students.  Receiving a Cavalier Pride Award means that the students have made a conscious effort to do his or her best. 

Headmaster's List 

4th Quarter

To be on this list a student in grades 2-12 must have all A's. This is recognized by quarter grades until final quarter.

2nd Grade - Otero
Xander Artagame
Grace Saul
Tyler Chiu
Benjamin Strock
Marlee Forman
Olivia Ward
Dhruv Patel
3rd Grade - Chapman
Emily Caison
Abigail Cohen
Olivia Kunkle
Addison Law
Mia LeBlanc
Aiden McCoy
Aashi Patel
Jamie Shoemaker
Caleb Ware
3rd Grade - Smith
Jordan Austin
Anna Maries Melton
Cooper Ann Mills
Ethan Shaw
Cannon Towe
4th Grade - Gramling/Ollic
Eve Cohen
Brielle Mead
Karter Schindledecker
4th Grade - Parris
Luke Saul
Jayden Shuler
5th Grade - Butler
Jamon Hutson
Shane Rusch
Mason Salisbury
Macy Wilson
6th Grade
Jonathan Beiring
Saralynn Butler
Benjamin Cohen
Ryan Pierce
7th Grade
Damaris Crawford
Gus Hutson
8th Grade
Abigail Litchfield
Jenna Stump
9th Grade
Riley Ferguson
Brianna Holley
Morgan Hood
Dorothea Lee
10th Grade
Maya Brown
Brooklynne Chappalear
Elizabeth Dunlap
Sarah Mitchum
Camryn Shuler
11th Grade
Morgan Ellis
Timothy Ferguson
Luke Weatherford
12th Grade
Jantsen Robertson

Distinguished Honor Roll

4th Quarter

To be on this list a student in grades 2-12 must have all A's and B's. This is recognized by quarter grades until final quarter.

2nd Grade - Otero
Sarah Brunson
Makenna Brown
Aiden McLeod
Carolina Pavlik
Vivian Carroll
Chloe Rucker
Raines DeAntonio
Bryce Gaskins
Kelsey Ruppert
Daltyn Smith
Gabbie Steele
Sidney Williamson
3rd Grade - Chapman
Chandler Cumbie
Jacob Glover
Emma Rose Henderson
Abbi Hodge
Tradd Law
3rd Grade - Smith
Jessie Bone
Ayden Brewer
Arwen Cummins
4th Grade - Gramling/Ollic 
Ireland Cusick
Olivia Newton
4th Grade - Parris
Ann Marie Almeida
Bryson Connor
Lainey Amaker
Loralynn Lobik
Eva Morgan
Mady Tallon
Rylee Zitnik
5th Grade - Butler
Taylor Douet
Logan Hodge
Mackenzie Holland
Lydia Murchison
William Murden
Will Rucker
Ainsleigh Smith
Owen Smith
Bella Steele
Ashton Wyndham
6th Grade
Jessica Bowles
Haley Caison
Viktoria Keskula
Zack Lee
Sydney McClain
Emma Roberson
Bailee Shoemaker
Ransom Welch
7th Grade
Kasey Bostick
Phillip Early
Logan Forester
Zane Hull
Elizabeth Mitchum
Owen Murchison
Bailey Nichols
Rebecca Settlemyre
Katelyn Ware
Ernest Weatherford
8th Grade
Hannah Bryant
Jacob Casselman
Ian Conway
McKenzie Ellis
Marrisa McCarthy
Mallory Mitchum
Luke Morris
Tatlyn Perret
Alexis Perry
Sarah Teixeira
9th Grade
SanZuala Burgess
Sarah Hamilton
Rachel Hoyt
Kate Kelly
Derek Shoemaker
10th Grade
Mason Keller
Ethan Lehr
Collin Robertson
Sylvia Schlette
Casey Southard
11th Grade
Deanna Austin-Taylor
Claire Gilmore
Chase Hughes
Caroline Welch
12th Grade


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