Inspire, Engage, Transform

Student Enrichment

Academic Leaders Pursuing Higher Achievement and Success (ALPHAS)

High achieving students in gades 6-8 are given opportunities to apply for and participate in classroom experiences that are stimulating and address their cognitive, physical, emotional, and social needs. Students undergo an application process in which the students’ grades, test scores, and teachers recommendations, as well as an essay written by the student, are used to determine eligibility. 

The goals of the ALPHAS program include the following:

  • To guide our students as they learn the value of attaining knowledge 
  • To encourage learning as a worth-while journey, rather than emphasizing the end result
  • To improve  the students’  research skills 
  • To sharpen  higher level thinking   
  • To develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills for flexibility in approach and generation of information
  • To refine communication skills 
  • To provide opportunities for student leadership and encourage particiaption 
  • To instill a passion for learning and healthy competition

The curriculum is developed to challenge students who are gifted in one or more of the core content areas: math, science, social studies, and English. The students may choose to participate in all four areas or individual areas.   One core content area is covered each nine weeks.   

The role of the teacher is as facilitator - inspiring and motivating ALPHAS to think outside the box, participate in problem solving, reach beyond their comfort levels and take risks in learning!