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Cavalier Hall of Fame

The Cavalier Athletic Hall of Fame was created in July of 2009 to honor athletes, coaches and administrators who have been instrumental in Cavalier athletic success. The initial class of Hall of Fame members will be inducted during the 2009 and 2010 school year. Nominations can be sent, at anytime, for future consideration, but athletes must be at least five years removed from graduation. Coaches and administrators can be considered at any time. 

Qualifications for athletes: 

  • Must have graduated from LBA/SJCA in good standing 
  • Must have distinguished her/himself athletically in interscholastic competition as a Cavalier 
  • Must have displayed good sportsmanship during competition 
  • Must have displayed good citizenship following graduation 

Qualifications for Coaches and Administrators: 

  • Must have made significant positive impact on the Cavalier athletic program 
  • Must have displayed good citizenship during and after his/her tenure as a Cavalier 


Induction Process: 
A committee of five people will be chosen by the administration to review nominations and make recommendations for induction by consensus. The school’s administration reserves the right to confirm or reject any and all nominations. 

Hall of Fame Members:

Class of 2010
Amy Grunsky Campbell
Derek Driggers
Coach Tim Orvin
Libya Rentz
Coach Steve Vaughan
Delette Mitchum Wyndham
Class of 2009
Fred Day
Terry Kunkle