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St. John's Christian Education Foundation

St. John's Christian Education Foundation

The St. John’s Christian Education Foundation was founded in November 2000 as a non-profit organization committed to the promotion of Christian education in Berkeley County through its support of St. John’s Christian Academy.

Prior to October of 2001, all school property was privately held by the St. John’s Development Corporation.  The immediate and long-term success of the school and Foundation was dependent on securing this real estate.  That goal was accomplished when sixty shareholders donated their interests to the Foundation in an unprecedented show of faith and generosity. 

Since its inception the Foundation has worked to help meet the physical needs of St. John’s Christian Academy.  From repairing and replacing leaking roofs to adding classrooms and the cafeteria to the front of the gym and most recently constructing the Welcome Center in front of the main classroom building, the Foundation has played a pivotal role in the development of St. John’s Christian Academy. 

The Purposes of St. John’s Christian Education Foundation
  • To provide financial assistance and support exclusively for educational purposes of St. John’s Christian Academy.
  • To promote academic excellence in a Christian environment.
  • To establish and implement a long-range program of fundraising to assist in the expansion and improvement of the educational functions of SJCA.
  • To build an endowment fund to be used to benefit SJCA and to use and manage in a proper way all money and property of SJCEF. 
  • To encourage the administration and other supporting organizations to use the Foundation for restricted fundraising projects for SJCA in order to consolidate giving for the support of SJCA.
  • To determine in conjunction with SJCA, the projects and programs of the institution to be financed in whole or part with monies from the Foundation.
The Current Members of St. John’s Education Foundation

Members from SJCA School Board     

Chairman:  Coel Dunlap, Jr.
Vice Chairman:  Chad Sweatman
Secretary/Treasurer:  Sarah Steele
SJCA Chairman:  Bill McCall, Jr.
Headmaster:  Eric Denton

Members at Large

Claudette McCall
Chris Biering
Daniel Cross
Lee Southard
Bryan Ware
John Kunkle
Jay Law
Cathy Ollic


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