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Lower/Upper School Sports Epidemic

3/21   Lower School Sports Club - 21 March Details- Sports Epidemic's Lower School Sports Club will meet on Wednesday March 21st from 3:00-4:45pm to learn about the meaning of "Determination" and play Crab Soccer, Handball and Toss Ball in the SJCA Gym! ///
3/25   Upper School Sports Club- 25 March Details- Sports Epidemic's Upper School Sports Club will meet on Sunday March 25th from 3:00-4:45pm to learn about "Dealing with Adversity" and play Softball at the SJCA Softball field. Invite a friend!

Chapel Days/ Changes

Due to testing there will be NO chapel on:
Tuesday, March 13
                March 20
Thursday, March 22

We will have Preschool Chapel for Lower school on Tuesday, March 27
We will have Small Groups for Upper school Chapel on Thursday, March 29

Stanford Testing

3/12-3/14- Testing 8a.m. until completed
3/20-3/22- 2nd-5th grades 8a.m. until completed/
                6th-8th grades 10a.m. until completed

8th & 9th Grade Masquerade Ball

3/24 Masquerade Ball  /  7:00- 10:00 pm in the Cavalier Cafe/   Tickets: Single SJCA student $15 /
Couple SJCA students $25 /
SJCA student with *outside guest (restrictions apply; see Mrs. Driggers) $30
Semi Formal Dress