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Send your list of names and numbers and corresponding money for all the golf balls you sold to family and friends to school tomorrow with your student. Check and Cash-checks to SJCA .

We thrive on 100% participation from our school family so if you haven’t sold, you still have a few hours so get busy and sell a few or you could buy your 10 for your own family.

The deadline for the $1000 biggest seller prize and $250 homeroom teacher prize ends at 4pm at SJCA.  This is a non-negotiable deadline as there is a contest in play. Winners will be announced at half time of the football game.

I will be at the school most of the day tomorrow but money may be turned into the front office, put in Coach Aarons hand, or given to your homeroom teacher.

Teachers please send all envelopes to the front office during first period.



There will be 3 non-affiliated judges who have not purchased balls and whose children don’t go to St. John’s. (Senator Larry Grooms, Solicitor Scarlett Wilson and Judge Brian West)

Judges will have the final say on the winner.

No money will be present at the game or given out the night of the event.

You do not have to be present to win.

The winner will be announced immediately and if you aren’t there you will be contacted by phone and a cashier’s check will be issued the following week.

Student and teacher prizes will be issued the following week

Elementary school prizes will be handed out at the event at half time of the football game.


RULES FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BALL PICK UP GAME-begins immediately following ball drop

Each elementary school child must have one corresponding adult helper on the sideline.

Adults are not allowed on the field—doing so will eliminate your child from winning.

Children may collect in ANY container, bag or basket. You must provide this.  They may dump out balls as many times at their adult's sideline location as they want and go back for more. 

The contest ends when all balls are off the field.

If it's taking too long, based on the need to play football, we will blow a whistle to stop. 

At end of contest the child’s adult will count balls that they have and report on the provided piece of paper.  (Honor system) Everyone available will then help get balls off of field. 


Football Game Admission applies to the Ball Drop.  Concessions open at 6pm.